If you have had extensive dental work that required the removal of multiple teeth, you may feel insecure about your smile. Because of this, you may be thinking about getting dental implants to help improve the appearance of your teeth.

While implants can help fill the gaps left and improve your smile, they are also helpful for improving the condition of your remaining teeth as well as your jawbone. Below are a couple of the ways that getting dental implants can help improve your overall dental health.

1. Implants Keep the Jawbone from Deteriorating from Lack of Stimulation from Roots

One way that getting implants can help the overall condition of your dental health is that they keep the jawbone from deteriorating. When the roots of your natural teeth are gone, those areas of the jawbone are no longer stimulated.

Because of the lack of stimulation, the bone will become weak and quickly deteriorate. However, when the posts are implanted into the jawbone, they take the place of the roots to provide stimulation that encourages the jawbone's regenerative properties to help strengthen the tissue once again.

2. Implants Preserve the Condition of Your Remaining Teeth by Removing the Extra Stress

Another way that getting implants helps to improve your dental health is that they preserve the condition of your remaining teeth. When gaps are left between the teeth, two issues will arise.

First, the teeth will start to shift out of alignment to try to fill in the gap. Second, with the loss of adjacent teeth, the ones that remain will take on extra stress whenever you chew your food, which erodes the enamel faster and can lead to cracks and chips in the teeth.

However, when the gaps are filled with dental implants, the new teeth help to straighten the natural teeth. They also take off some of the extra pressure while chewing food to help preserve the condition of your remaining teeth.

Implants can do more for your dental health than fill in the gaps in your smile to help improve its appearance and give you a confidence boost. The posts stimulate the jawbone's regeneration to keep it from deteriorating while the implant caps realign and preserve the condition of your natural teeth by reducing the extra stress and pressure placed on them by the gaps. For more information about dental implants, make an appointment with a cosmetic dentist in your area.