Botox is a form of cosmetic enhancement that many people use on a routine basis. The primary use you may be familiar with is to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. What you may not know is that dentists are using botox to help with various oral health issues and problems. Here are some of the oral health issues your dentist can help with by using botox injections. 

Denture Issues 

Choosing a full set of dentures is a very personal choice. You may have a number of reasons for choosing this option. Over time your gums may begin to weaken and even break down. This means that dentures will not fit as well and become loose. There are several ways your dentist can help with this issue. However, there are times when the gums need assistance. Botox injections have been shown to help the gums become stronger and allow the dentures to fit normally. 

Lip Lines

You may not consider lips to be part of your oral health. There are times when high lip lines and thin lip lines can cause exposure to the teeth. The teeth can then break down easier, succumb to tooth decay, or receive other types of damage. Botox injections can help thicken the lips. This provides more protection for your teeth and mouth as a whole. The injections will be worked into a treatment plan that can help not only your lip health but also your mouth health. 

Joint Issues

Mouth joint and jaw issues can cause unbearable face pain. Face pain can lead to headaches, migraines, and even neck pain. Your dentist can help reduce the pain from this issue. Your dentist will use botox to help build up the joint area and give more cushioning. This can help greatly reduce the initial jaw and joint pain. As that pain reduces, you will start to notice less pain in your face, jaw, neck, and head. Though you will need a botox treatment plan, you will start to feel relief fairly quickly. 

If you have had botox in the past, you may already be familiar with the injection process. Though the injections are much the same as traditional botox uses, there can be slight changes. Your dentist can discuss the process with you depending on the oral health issue you are having. They can also discuss healing time, when you need to come in for further treatments, and how long you may need the treatment.