There will be situations in life that call for help from a general dentist. This professional can do a lot of things and seeing them will be extremely helpful if any of these dental issues affect your life at some point.

Mouth Injury

Mouth injuries can be really painful and sometimes affect your teeth and gums. If you accidentally hurt yourself around this region and the damage looks to be pretty bad, you want to go see a general dentist as soon as you can. They can run a comprehensive exam to see exactly what areas of your mouth were affected by the accident. You may have a chipped tooth, swollen gums, or something else. The general dentist can give you pain-relieving medication while you wait for them to look over the damage to see needs fixing. 

White Spots Develop on Teeth

Teeth can change colors over time, with yellow being a common outcome. However, your teeth also can develop white spots. If your teeth do, it's essential that you see a general dentist right away because these spots could be the early signs of tooth decay.

Getting help from a general dentist can help you identify and treat tooth decay if it indeed is occurring. The dentist can put together a comprehensive treatment plan that not only neutralizes current decay but that also keeps it from coming back any time soon.

Teeth More Sensitive to Things

It's not uncommon for your teeth to sometimes be sensitive to different things, whether it's sweet foods or cold ice. However, if this sensitivity happens a lot, you want to schedule an appointment with a general dentist just to be safe. Teeth sensitivity could be a number of things, including gum disease, cavities, or damage you may not have noticed before. A general dentist can look into these matters and find out what is causing the regular sensitivity. Their treatments can help you deal with this sensitivity effectively and then you can resume your normal life and not have to fear chewing on things as much. 

General dentists act as primary doctors when it comes to dental problems. If you know when this professional should be used, then you'll be able to keep major things from happening to both your teeth and gums. That's a relief you definitely want to have considering all of the substances and products that can impact oral health today. Contact a general dentist for more information.