When you have major trauma to a tooth, the external surface of the tooth can appear darker. This happens because the dentin under the enamel is damaged and can become discolored. Normal teeth bleaching does not work to whiten teeth in this way without many applications. To get these teeth white, you can get internal bleaching from a cosmetic dentist. Here are some things you should know about the procedure:

You Will Need X-Rays Before the Procedure

Most bleaching procedures do not require an x-ray beforehand. However, the dentist will need to check inside the teeth to find out if there is any damage to the tissue within the teeth. If the dentin is dead or overly damaged, the bleaching may not yield good results.

Additional Work Required for Internal Bleaching

Another thing to consider is the additional work internal bleaching requires. The dentist will need to create an access cavity to get inside the tooth and apply the bleaching agent. An access cavity is a small hole drilled into the backside of the tooth. This area has to be cleaned of any damaged tissue, which assists in removing the appearance of a stain.

You will also need to have a cervical seal added to the tooth. This involves applying a special, cement-like substance near the tooth that prevents the bleach from getting inside the access cavity.

You Will Need Many Bleaching Treatments

Once you have the cervical seal applied, the bleaching agent is then added. The bleach is not a liquid, but a putty that is applied to the access cavity. The tooth will then be sealed temporarily while the bleach does its job. You will need to have the bleach applied several times until you get the right shade of white.

A Permanent Filling Has to Be Applied

Once you get to the shade of white you desire, the tooth will need to be permanently restored. This involves filling the access cavity to prevent anything from getting inside and damaging the dentin. This step is an absolute must, as anything can get into that area and cause bacteria growth, resulting in a painful cavity.

This tooth whitening option is great if your only other option is veneers or other expensive orthodontia. However, you need to be ready to commit to a number of treatments until you reach your desired result. If you are interested in internal bleaching, be sure to discuss it with a dentist, like those represented at http://www.accentdentalnwi.com/, to see if your tooth would accept such a treatment.