Dental implants allow you to continue to have teeth in your mouth in areas where your natural tooth was removed.  You may get a single implant or multiple implants done at the same time depending on the state of your mouth. How many implants that you have performed at the same time will greatly impact your recovery time.

Right After Surgery

Right after you come out of surgery, you are going to have to keep gauze on the site where the implants were placed. You'll literally have a wad of gauze in your mouth. You will need to hold this gauze in place. You can do this simply by biting down.

It is important to keep the same gauze in place for the first hour after your surgery. This will allow your mouth to heal and for the blood to start to clot.

Switching Out the Gauze

For the rest of the day, you are going to want to change out the gauze every half hour or so. You want to keep the gauze clean and you also want to keep consistent pressure on the wound. It is common to have persistent bleeding and oozing at the site of your incision for the first day. Remember, a dental implant is a surgical process. Oozing blood, bleeding, swelling and even pain are actually a good sign that your body working to heal itself.

Brush Your Teeth Gentle

On the night of your surgery, you can take the gauze out and brush your teeth gently. Be soft as you brush your teeth and very gentle around the incisions site. Brush all your surrounding teeth well, but be soft near the incision site. You don't want to disrupt the clotting and healing process.

Rinse with Salt Water

A day after your surgery, you can start cleaning your mouth with salt water. Take some warm water mixed with salt and swish it around in your mouth a couple of times. This will help keep your incision site clean as your body heals itself. Salt water can also help promote the healing process.

Ice If Necessary

If necessary, you should put ice on the surgery site. You can put the ice on the outside of your face where you had surgery. Be sure to wrap the ice or the ice pack in a towel. The ice will help reduce swelling and should help minimize bruising as well.

It is normal to experience bleeding after getting dental implants. Be ready to swap gauze in and out of your mouth the day of and day following your surgery. Remember, some pain and swelling is just a sign that your body is taking care of its and healing.