Adult braces are a growing trend, but considering the fact that they are considered more cosmetic for adults, it makes you wonder the value of it. While there are many benefits to straightening your teeth as an adult, it is actually better if you have braces as a kid. Here are three reasons why.

1. As a Child Grows, His/Her Mouth Can Be Reshaped

The biggest part of installing braces in a child's mouth is that the orthodontist can reshape the mouth to make room for adult teeth. The roof of the mouth can be widened or narrowed, the front overbite or underbite can be adjusted to fit better, and even the lower jaw can be reshaped if necessary. Kids' mouths adapt and accept these structural changes as they grow and develop with braces. Adults' mouths do not, nor can their mouths be made wider or narrower to accept adult teeth because the adult teeth are already there.

2. Braces Take Less Time for Kids

Children spend less time in braces than adults (unless there are some major abnormalities that require surgical correction). The reason for this is because the facial bones and teeth in children are constantly shifting and changing as they grow, allowing braces to reshape what is happening as it happens. In adults, they have reached the end of their growth and it is harder to change the bone structures and make them move. Ergo, adults spend more time in braces because it takes longer to force the teeth to move and change positions.

3. Children's Braces Are Covered by Insurance

In almost every case, children's braces are covered under dental insurance. Adults' braces are not. The best time to get braces and not have to pay thousands of dollars out-of-pocket is when you are a kid. Your parents' dental plans should cover most of the orthodontic work and some of the supplies, whereas most dental plans are very specific about the cut-off age for orthodontic coverage (age 18). If your parents did not put you in braces or waited too long to do it, and you choose to have braces as an adult, the entire expense is on your shoulders.

Getting Braces as an Adult Anyway

If you have set your mind on getting adult braces, be aware that traditional braces are the cheapest. Clear braces, or invisible braces, are going to be more expensive. However, you can qualify for financing for your braces through most dental offices.

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