If you knock out one of your teeth, it is possible to potentially to save it. Acting quickly and in the right manner can make all the difference to whether or not the tooth is able to be saved. If it can't, then you will have to have it replaced. This article will guide you through the process of dealing with the dental emergency of a knocked out tooth.

Pick the tooth up and clean it

The minute you knock out a tooth, you want to pick it up before it gets further damaged. It's safest to pick it up by the crown part. It also needs to be cleaned off immediately. The best liquid to clean the tooth off with is your saliva. If you aren't able to produce enough saliva to clean it off, then you can use milk or water.

Try putting the tooth back in

If possible, you should put the knocked-out tooth back in place. Once you are sure that you have it in correctly, apply a small amount of pressure to it. Take a piece of gauze, or a piece of a clean rag if no gauze is available, and firmly bite down on it until you can get in to see the dentist for an emergency visit. If you can't get the tooth into the socket, you want to carry it in your mouth by tucking it between your gum and your cheek. Another option is to carry it in a small plastic baggie with some of your own saliva in it to keep it moist.

What to do for pain relief

You can take an over-the-counter pain reliever or anti-inflammatory to help with the pain. Keep in mind, if you cut your mouth pretty good, then you should stay away from pain relievers that contain aspirin. These will thin out your blood and cause you to bleed more. You can also hold a cold pack against the outside of your mouth to help with pain, swelling and bruising.

If you accidentally knock out a tooth, follow these steps and then immediately call a dentist like West Lakes Family Dentistry for an emergency appointment. If the dentist isn't able to save the tooth, then you will be offered other options to replace it. Some of these may include a partial denture, a dental bridge or a dental implant. A partial denture can be taken in and out of your mouth at will, where both a bridge and an implant are permanent fixtures.