If you have put off dental work for a long time, you might feel that you will never be able to get your mouth in good shape again. You are not alone. Many people suffer from multiple dental issues and feel overwhelmed at the thought of seeing a dentist. To find out what you and many others can expect when you need a lot of restorative work done during your full mouth reconstruction, read on.

Your Dentist Understands

Dental services get put off all the time and the results are seen by dentists every day. Dentists are prepared to deal with a lot of different things going on at once because it's a common occurrence. Once your dentist examines you and gets a better idea of how much needs to be done, they will discuss the plan with you and give you a written list of upcoming procedures and the estimated costs too.

Priorities for Action

Your overall health can be negatively influenced by your dental health and that often means attending to any infections, abscesses, or gum disorders right away. You might be prescribed an oral antibiotic and then the reason for the infection will be treated.

Preservation of Teeth

Your dentist's goal is to preserve the teeth you already have by performing various procedures like root canals and placing caps (or crowns) on vulnerable teeth to prevent further damage. It's always best to have as many natural, healthy teeth as possible because your body deals better with your own teeth. When a tooth cannot be saved, though, it may be removed with the goal of a replacement.

Replacement Teeth

Many patients are unaware of the damage a missing tooth can do. If the empty space is in the back, some patients may not take action to replace it because it doesn't show. However, the teeth surrounding the missing space are sure to be negatively affected by its absence. They may be more prone to decay, may loosen, and could even shift around and become crooked. Your dentist will discuss several ways to replace a missing tooth:

  1. Bridges are used to place a false tooth between two healthy teeth using wires.
  2. Dentures or partial dentures are removable false teeth that can replace a full top or bottom row of teeth, or they can replace just a few.
  3. Implants are permanently attached to your jawbone, look natural, and are easy to care for.
  4. A combination of partials and implants can be less expensive and still provide good results.

To find out more about full mouth reconstruction procedures, speak to your dentist.