Do you have an issue with crooked teeth that you are looking to fix? If so, there are a variety of different options that can help correct the alignment of your teeth. Here are some reasons to consider using lingual braces over your other options.

Lingual Braces Are Nearly Invisible

A primary concern for anybody that uses braces is whether others are going to notice that they are wearing braces. This is often a reason why people choose Invisalign, since it uses clear plastic trays that are hard for other people to see. Know that lingual braces attach on the backsides of your teeth, which makes it difficult for others to see them in most situations. You won't have braces showing up in photos where you show your teeth.

Lingual Braces Are Incredibly Effective

The strength of lingual braces is often a misconception to people. Traditional braces may go on the front side of the teeth, but that doesn't necessarily make them any more effective than lingual braces. That's because lingual braces have the strength to align your teeth just like any other kind of braces. You don't have to worry about this style of braces being less effective. 

Lingual Braces Stay Out of the Way

Anybody that is familiar with traditional braces is well aware of how they can cause cuts along the inside of your cheeks by accident, which is very possible when you play a contact sport. In addition, those braces on the front of the teeth tend to get in the way of playing a musical instrument. This is not going to be the case with lingual braces, because the brackets are out of the way. 

Lingual Braces Have No Age Restrictions

If you were originally set on your child using Invisalign, you may have discovered that Invisalign is only recommended for adults. This is due to the plastic trays being removable, and there may be problems with your child taking them out when they are not supposed to. While the plastic trays must be worn for the majority of the day except when eating and brushing, they shouldn't be left out for extended periods of time. However, lingual braces do not have any age restrictions for the person wearing them. You can get them for a teenager that is worried about being seen with braces, and it will give you peace of mind that the braces are not being removed.

For more information about methods of straightening teeth, reach out to an orthodontics office.