If you have a child with misaligned teeth, its best to get them orthodontic treatment as soon as the dentist confirms its necessary or that the child is ready for the treatment. Here are some of the reasons orthodontic treatment is ideal at a young age.

Prevent More Problems

Crooked teeth are more than an aesthetic problem. They can interfere with speech development, they make eating difficult (and hence interfere with nutrition), they can trigger jaw pain, and they even increase the risk of teeth damage in accidents. Thus, getting early orthodontics minimizes the risks of these complications. For example, children are very physically active, and many of them play sports in school. Getting your child early orthodontic treatment reduces the risk that one of their teeth will get knocked out or cracked in an accident.

Create Room for Permanent Teeth

When a child's permanent teeth are growing, they need enough room to grow upright. Don't forget that these are the natural teeth the child will have forever. Since overcrowding is a feature of orthodontics, getting early treatment encourages adequate spacing. That way, all permanent teeth have room to grow properly.

Take Advantage of Easy Tooth Movement

The teeth are easy to move in childhood because the jaws are still growing, and the bones are easily manipulated. Thus, orthodontic treatment in childhood is faster and less complicated than orthodontic treatment in adults. This is significant because people don't like to wear braces for long; many are self-conscious about how the braces affect their appearance. If your child doesn't get braces early, they may have to wear the braces for longer in their adulthood.

Enhance Self-Esteem

For most kids, looks can affect self-esteem, which in turn can affect how the kids interact with others. Although it is important to teach your child not to judge themselves (and others) based on looks, this doesn't mean the child shouldn't or won't care about their appearance. In fact, most kids don't want to look back at their graduation photos, prom photos, birthday photos, and see their crooked smiles. It's best to help the child avoid such disappointments by helping them get orthodontic treatment early enough.

Hopefully, your child will get their orthodontic treatment early enough and enjoy the above benefits. If you are an adult who didn't benefit from early treatment, note that you can straighten your teeth at any age. The treatment may be easier at an early age, but it sure does work at any age.

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