Braces can be life changing for a teenager. Getting rid of those crooked teeth can do wonders to improve self-esteem, as well as make speaking and eating easier. The braces will slowly pull those teeth into the proper position, which can take quite some time. You'll need to know how to maintain the braces while they are installed, to make the adjustment easier on you.

Avoid Foods That Are Sticky

Be aware that some kinds of foods will not mix well with your braces. That is why you should stay away from foods that are sticky. This includes chewing gum, taffy, or super sticky candies like Jolly Ranchers.

These sticky foods can put pressure on the wires and brackets that hold everything together. Continually eating these foods can cause the braces to become loose, which will make them ineffective and prolong the entire dental procedure. Stick to snacking on softer foods that will be easier on the braces and not mess up their current adjustment.

Use Special Tools To Floss

The biggest challenge with braces is learning how to clean between all of those brackets and wires. It will help to buy some special tools that are designed to help you get the food and plaque out from between your teeth.

Interdental Brush

One tool that any braces wearer should have is an interdental brush. This brush is a thin stick that has many small bristles that stick out from it. This is the best tool to use for actually removing plaque that is stuck behind the wires, since it scrubs the plaque away so that it is gone.

It will help to purchase a few of these brushes, so you can take them with you during the day. Try to floss after meals, since it is very easy for plaque and food to become stuck in the braces all day long.

Water Flosser

A water flosser is a quick way to remove food that is stuck between your teeth. It uses a powerful stream of water to force all of the food out, and it works much faster than the interdental brush.

One thing to keep in mind is that a water flosser is not a substitute for an interdental brush. It will easily get the food out, but it doesn't help remove plaque that is between the teeth.

For more tips on braces maintenance, be sure to ask your orthodontist. Also ask about other local orthodontist services offered, for the best experience.