Getting ready to be a contestant on a game show can be as easy as practicing the game you'll be playing and making sure you show up to film on time. And with a little extra preparation, you can make sure that the overall experience is comfortable, efficient, and enjoyable. Don't overlook these important prep steps:

Study the Stage and Audience Set Up

While the production team of the game show will provide you with direction once you get to the set, it's a good idea to ask for schematics and floor plans for the stage, audience area, and entrance zones so you can study them in your own time before you head in for recording. This will give you some in-depth insight into where you'll be standing, how far you'll be walking to and from your post, and the type of lighting that will be directed toward you during filming. You can use the information to decide things such as which shoes to wear for comfort, and whether you'll need special makeup to minimize sweating while on stage.

Pack Some Extras for Comfort

No matter what you decide to wear while the game show is being filmed, chances are that the outfit wont be comfortable to sit around in while waiting to film, during breaks, and when traveling back to your hotel or home after filming is complete for the day. When packing your bag for the day, don't forget to include comfortable clothing that's easy to change into, like a sweatsuit, along with some comfortable tennis shoes or slippers. You can change in to the cozy clothes during long breaks between filming so you can relax and eat without worrying about ruining your "show" outfit, then you can throw them on at the end of the day so it's easier to unwind from all the excitement.

Take Time to Whiten Your Teeth

In addition to having your nails and hair done for your big filming day, it's important not to overlook the task of having your teeth professionally whitened. If you show up for filming with stained teeth, it can distract the audience and at-home viewers from your ensemble and your personality overall. Polish off your look with a bright, white smile and you'll create an unforgettable presence that viewers can resonate with. To ensure that your teeth stay bright until filming day, you should stay away from things like coffee that could darken and stain them after having the teeth whitening.

These prep steps should help make your experience as a game show contestant more pleasurable and memorable when all is said and done.