Are you moving to a new city with your young child or children or just starting out on raising your family? If so, you'll be needing the services of a professional pediatric dentist and may be wondering how to choose the one that's right for your family. Besides asking the usual suspects, such as friends, family, acquaintances, and co-workers for recommendations, there are other strategies available to help you make the best possible decision. Following are five of them.

A Child-Friendly Ambiance

Your pediatric dentist's office should reflect the fact the he or she is a dentist for kids, starting with the waiting room. The decor should be fun, colorful, and aimed at delighting little hearts and minds. There should also be interactive games and activities available in the waiting room as well as an appropriate selection of books. Child-sized furniture and indoor play equipment help keep kids happy and comfortable while waiting to be seen. A waiting room that is grim and formal may be an indication that the dentist really doesn't understand or even care about the importance of providing a kid-centric environment for his or her little patients.

The child-friendly ambiance should extend into the dentist's office. Look for a continuation of child-friendly decor, TVs mounted on the walls so patients can watch cartoons or movies, and add on extra points for puppets or other props designed to function as fun learning tools.

Welcoming Staff

Staff members should be friendly and welcoming instead of stiff and cold. Most children find going to the dentist stressful, and an unfriendly person at the front desk can add to the anxiety. Of course, there is no guarantee that the staff members won't change as time goes by, but chances are that a dentist who's current staff is warm and friendly will hire similar people in the future.

A Positive Personal Demeanor

Perhaps the most important thing in choosing the right pediatric dentist, such as Sunnyside Dentistry for Children, is a positive personal demeanor. All the cartoons and toys in the waiting room and office in the world won't make up for a dentist who simply doesn't enjoy and get along with children. Making an appointment with the dentist in order for your child and children to meet him or her prior to scheduling actual dental work will give you a good feel for the dentist's overall demeanor as well as provide you with an opportunity to check out the waiting room, office, and staff.