Do you often feel a sharp sensation when you consume hot or cold foods? Or, are regular dental treatments quite painful for you? You might be one of the 1 in 8 Americans that have sensitive teeth. This happens when the enamel on the surface of your teeth gets worn away or if the tissue between your teeth and your gums become exposed. In these situations, your nerves are more sensitive to external stimuli, which often leads to discomfort and pain. Professional teeth whitening treatments that can help you get a brighter and whiter smile may be rather painful for you. Understanding what your options are in the event that your teeth become too sensitive during professional teeth whitening treatments is important. Here are three solutions that your cosmetic dentist might implement.

Terminate the Whitening Treatment

You might have taken all the precautions necessary to prevent teeth sensitivity already, but your teeth might still feel extremely sensitive during the professional teeth whitening treatments. Depending on how painful or uncomfortable you feel, your cosmetic dentist might recommend that you terminate the whitening treatment immediately. The bleaching product might be further damaging your enamel or stimulating your tissues. In these circumstances, continuing the professional teeth whitening treatments might actually be detrimental to your dental health. You should consider strengthening your teeth with desensitizing solutions again before attempting to get your teeth whitened in the future.

Reduce the Wearing Period or Bleach Concentration of the Trays or the Strips

If you find the professional teeth whitening treatments to be painful or uncomfortable, but still tolerable, you might want to see if you can adjust the wearing period of the bleach concentration of the trays or the strips used. Naturally, your results won't be as white as you might have imagined them to be; however, you should see a noticeable difference. Your cosmetic dentist might recommend leaving the trays or the strips in until you can no longer handle the discomfort anymore.

Alternate Bleaching Product with Desensitizing Solution

If having a beautiful white smile is your ultimate goal and you have time on your hands, you can see whether your cosmetic dentist would be interested in alternating the bleaching product with a desensitizing solution. This will help decrease your teeth sensitivity, so that you can push through the entire professional teeth whitening treatment without reducing the wearing period or the bleach concentration of the trays or the strips. Expect to fork over a bit more money for your treatment if you choose this option.

Your cosmetic dentist can help you get a beautiful white smile that you're satisfied with even if you often experience teeth sensitivity; however, you might need to be a tad more patient as your dentist figures out what works and doesn't work for you. With the right treatment plan, the Hollywood smile you've always dreamed of is just another dental appointment away. For more information, contact local professionals like Crest Hill Family Dental.