When a child is crying and suffering from pain related to sensitive teeth, a parent may be wondering if it is normal for a child to have this problem. While it is not uncommon, sensitive teeth are often a sign of an underlying condition that needs to be addressed. This could be something as simple as over-brushing or a symptom of an illness developing.

Improper Brushing 

As children are taught how to brush their teeth correctly, they make mistakes as part of the learning process. Sensitive teeth can be a result of over-brushing the same spot or even pushing down too hard. This can cause gum irritation and lead to painful tooth and gum sensations. Guide the child to brush with enough force to get rid of bacteria while still being gentle on their gums to help alleviate this problem.


Sensitive teeth are common in adults, but for children they can be a scary and painful thing. One cause of this woe in children is cavities. Before it reaches the gums and creates severe pain, a small or slowly developing cavity can cause tooth sensitivity in children. Regular visits to the dentist and teaching kids good dental hygiene are the best ways to beat this woe.

New Teeth

Another cause of tooth sensitivity can be a good thing; it could mean new teeth are growing and getting ready to break through the gums. While children won't understand, most parents agree that the development of new teeth is exciting. Whether the new tooth is the first tooth or the last back molar, new teeth can create pain and sensitivity for children. Help soothe sore gums with pain killers and ice packs.


Sometimes sensitive teeth can be caused from an unlikely source. Illness, such as a sinus infection, can create an environment within the mouth that can lead to painful teeth. Fevers and colds may cause the gums to swell and become painful or sore. A visit to the doctor for medication related to the sinus infection is the best way to take care of this reason for sensitive teeth.


Hairline fractures can be easily overlooked and may not bleed or cause trouble at the time of the fall. Children can be clumsy as they learn to walk, run, skip, and eventually jump from one thing to another. Whether the child ran into the wall or fell out of a tree, teeth can suffer from fractures, just like bones. A dentist will be able to quickly diagnose and treat this problem.

If you find your child is complaining more and more frequently about his or her sensitive teeth, it wouldn't hurt to schedule a dental appointment. Visit sites such as http://www.childrensdent.com to find a dentistry near you.