The brackets on your braces are installed on every tooth in your mouth. Your dentist will typically use composite resin in order to do this. The resin can weaken for a number of reasons and this causes the brackets on your teeth to loosen. If the brackets loosen, then this will not only result in alignment issues but this can also result in injury to your cheeks and mouth. The loose brackets will begin to rub, poke, and scrap at the skin inside of your mouth. Therefore, it is important to see a dentist immediately. Until your appointment, it is important to take the time to help prevent the loosened brackets from aggravating the skin inside your mouth. Fortunately, there are a few tips that you can use in order to accomplish this.

Apply Dental Wax to The Brackets

Dental wax is often used as a protective barrier to cover up a dental appliance that may be causing discomfort. The wax can be used to coat your brackets and prevent them from rubbing against your cheeks and other areas of your mouth. In order to administer the dental wax, simply scoop out a small amount of wax using your finger. Use your finger to coat the bracket in wax or apply the wax using a q tip. Apply several coats of the wax to the loose brackets and avoid drinking or eating immediately after applying the wax. The wax is only a temporary fix; therefore, you should try to see your dentist within a day of applying the dental wax.

Apply a Cotton Ball Against the Loosened Bracket

Depending on where your loosened bracket is located you may be able to apply a cotton ball against the bracket to prevent it from poking the side of your mouth. If it is located near the sides or toward the back of your mouth, then take a clean cottonball and hold it against your loosened bracket. The cottonball will provide a thick buffer that will prevent the bracket from making contact with the skin inside of your mouth. You can add another cottonball to ensure that it remains packed tight in your mouth. Only remove the cottonballs from your mouth when it is time to eat and clean your teeth, then replace them with new ones.

Dealing with a loosened bracket that continues to rub against your skin can quickly become painful and uncomfortable. Therefore, use these tips to help treat the problem until you are able to see a dentist, like one from Cherry Hill Dentistry LLC.