When getting braces on as a teenager, this question might pop up: can you get your wisdom teeth removed while wearing braces, or should you get them out beforehand? There are a few approaches to this answer, and the course you end up taking will be between you, your dentist, and your orthodontist.

Getting Wisdom Teeth Out Before Wearing Braces

This option is really for older teens who are expecting their wisdom teeth to come in at any time. The average person is in their late teens when their wisdom teeth come in, so if you are in that category and considering braces, talk to both your dentist and orthodontist about removing your wisdom teeth first. You will need x-rays of the back of your jaw to see if your teeth are starting to emerge or have impacted – only partially grown in.

If you have a small mouth (teeth already crowded) or have experienced sensitivity in the gums where your wisdom teeth are, you should consider pulling them before getting braces on. Getting them removed when they aren't ready to come out requires a lengthy and painful surgery followed by a longer recovery than normal. If they aren't ready, don't put off your braces to force the removal.

Getting Braces on Before Removing Wisdom Teeth

If you decided to wait on wisdom teeth removal, there is a chance that they will grow in while you are wearing braces. Having your wisdom teeth grow in could shift the back few teeth in your mouth, but won't affect the front teeth. And since you are wearing braces, this problem can be corrected without having your wisdom teeth removed. You should plan on getting them extracted when your braces come off, though, because they could cause your teeth to misalign without the aid of braces.

There are also cases in which your wisdom teeth should be immediately removed. If your wisdom teeth impact, you are more susceptible to infection. Your already sore mouth will become sensitive and pain-filled. If your wisdom teeth impact while you are wearing braces, they will need to be removed. This isn't a big deal, but you should schedule an appointment with your orthodontist for a few days after the extraction. Give yourself some time to heal, but make sure you see your orthodontist soon, so any broken brackets or other problems with the braces can be repaired quickly.

When making preparations to get braces, consider your options for wisdom teeth removal. Consult both your dentist and orthodontist so you have an idea of when they will come in and how they might affect your braces procedures. To find out more, speak with a business like Alegre Dental and Braces.