If you are a busy college student and want straighter teeth, Invisalign is a great choice. Not only are the aligners nearly invisible when they're in your mouth, but since you change the aligner yourself every few weeks, you don't have to take as much time out for orthodontist appointments as you would with traditional braces.

Though a great choice for most people, Invisalign does require some responsibility and a little time commitment if you want the aligners to work properly. Follow these tips to seamlessly integrate Invisalign into your busy college life.

Tip 1: Find an Invisalign dentist near your school.

Your regular dentist may still be in your home town, and you probably only see him or her a few times a year. However, you'll need to see a dentist about every six weeks for checkups when you wear Invisalign. You'll have an easier time fitting these appointments into your schedule if you work with a dentist near campus.

Tip #2: Set reminders on your phone on days you need to change your aligners.

It's easy to get caught up in a slew of exams of a busy week of classes and suddenly realize you were supposed to switch to a new aligner three days ago. Typically, you'll need to change to a new aligner about every two weeks. Set reminders in your phone so you don't forget. Failing to switch your aligner on time could slow down your progress with Invisalign.

Tip #3: Kick your coffee habit before beginning Invisalign treatment.

You can take Invisalign out when you eat, but you should not take it out frequently during the day when you're just sipping liquids. Dark liquids like coffee can stain the aligners, which negates the whole idea that they're invisible. If you're a coffee-addict like many college students, switching to a different beverage before you start Invisalign treatment will make the adaptation process easier. Green tea is a good choice if you crave a warm beverage, since its light color does not stain. If you need a caffeine kick, look for sugar-free, clear, caffeinated beverages. Steer clear of soda – it's not good for your teeth, whether or not you have aligners in.

Invisalign has the ability to straighten many patients' teeth in a year or less. Start your treatment now, with a dentist like HG Orthodontics, and you can have a perfect smile by the time you graduate. As long as you follow the tips above to ensure you use Invisalign properly, you'll likely find that wearing Invisalign is comfortable, convenient, and inconspicuous.